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At Core Matchmaking we dedicate our resources and time to contact potential candidates who are successful and posses interesting personalities. You will have the opportunity to meet them through your membership. Our current list of candidates, include very successful profiles in the search for their ideal woman to establish a long term, serious relationship. If you are currently thinking this is your time to meet the man of your dreams, we invite you to become part of our pool of candidates.

The profile of the ladies who feel attracted by our membership and services, is that one of an achieved, successful, self confident woman.

They prefer us because they are not satisfied with some of the other matchmaking services currently in the market, not offering positive results. They have contacted us, as their smart choice and because they are willing to explore this new safe way to meet their ideal match.

Once you provide your information on our site, one of our Matchmakes will contact you to complete your profile step by step, which will provide us with valuable information about yourself and the gentleman you would like to meet.


Discrete and Confidential

Your profile is 100% confidential and will not be shared in any other site or application. We are respectful of you privacy, time and preferences and only will contact you once we have identified a possible match who will closely reflect similar interests. We also consider how close to matching the other part’s interests are you.

Once a match has been identified you will be contacted by our office to receive your personality test, which will allow us to learn more about you. A background check with your previous approval will also apply. You are fully engaged now in this wonderful experience, and about to explore a new relationship found in the most professional safe way you will find in Colombia.


Contac us through our wesite at: www.corematchmaking

Fill out your profile and match preferences

You are now registered on our date base

We will contact you once we have an ideal match in mind.

You will receive your personality test and background check information.

You will meet candidates

You will send us your feed back about candidates

Establish a solid relationship.

Once you have become one of our members and have started your process with Core Matchmaking, we will study a good number of the candidates’ profiles we have as members, and will make a selection for you to meet. Only then, you will be contacted by us and be introduced to one of them. Rest assured we know your value as a woman and all you have to offer this is why we carefully search for your match.

This process will make you part of our selected membership being registered as part of our database. Please contact us for more information regarding costs.

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